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Deadline fast approaching!

There is about 1 hour and 35 minutes remaining until the deadline. Am I going to be a time nazi and sit at the computer and as soon as the time reaches 8pm est, default everyone who hasn't uploaded a story? No. I will say that I am going to check when I get up in the morning and if I haven't heard from you, you will be defaulted. If you end up finishing your story you are welcome to upload it to the group and your recipient will just end up with an extra story.

Happy Writing!

- Cait N.
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Apocalyptothon check in

Just checking in to see how things are going. I hope everyone is hard at work on their story or their art since the deadline is just 2 weeks away! If you are going to have to default, please do so sooner rather than later. It gives the pinch hitters more time to write/draw/create. I just sent 2 pinch hits out to the group.

Also you should be able to see all the sign ups in case you feel like writing an Apocalyptothon Madness story. You can write something for that even if you didn't sign up for the main gift exchange.
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Assignments sent out!

You should be receiving your assignment shortly. If you got matched with someone and there is an error between what they requested and what you offered, please let me know asap!

Also, there are three pinch hits I just sent to the google group. The sooner they are claimed, the more time the person has to write the story/draw the art.

And lastly, following in the footsteps of yuletide and npt (not prime time), we will have an Apocalyptothon Madness Collection. It will open Tuesday night and will be a collection for treats consisting of stories under 1000 words, icons, and smaller artwork. Anyone is welcome to post to the Madness collection regardless of whether they signed up for the main exchange this year.
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Sign Ups back open

Due to a problem with someone's sign up, I've turned sign ups back on until 1pm EST. If anyone needs to make any changes to their sign up, or anyone who was on the bubble wants to participate, you have until 1pm EST today to do so.
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Pinch Hitters

The link to the pinch hitting yahoo group is HERE.

I'm working on assignments now. Due to the large volume of eligible fandoms, and the small number of people that signed up this year, I may be emailing you to ask if you could add more offers or more requests. Also, some people might be assigned more than one writer/artist. I am hoping I'll be able to avoid that.