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OMG Nomination time!

Before you head over to AO3 to nominate fandoms, one big change from last year: ARTWORK WILL BE ALLOWED THIS YEAR. When signups open, you will have the option to specify whether you'd like to offer fiction or art or both, and whether you'd like to receive fiction or art or both, for each of your requests/offers. More on that later.

But now.... Nominations are officially open! You have until midnight EST on Friday, May 1st, to nominate up to ten fandoms you would like to read/write/illustrate this year. (Signups start May 4th.)

A few notes:

1. Please try to avoid fandoms which are already post-apocalyptic. However, if they are already post-apocalyptic, any story/artwork featuring that fandom may feature any apocalypse EXCEPT the canonical end of the world.

2. Nominating fandoms does not obligate you to participate in the ficathon. Even if you don't plan on writing, feel free to suggest things you'd like to read.

3. You do not have to nominate ten fandoms - ten is just the maximum.

4. Anything goes - movies, books, TV shows, comics, songs, etc. Start typing in the fandom and please use AO3's canonical tags.


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