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Sign Up Information

Sign Ups open tomorrow (May 4th) at 5am EST. They close at 9pm EST on Friday, May 15th. Stories will be due on July 22nd. All the dates can be found on the profile page HERE.

A whopping 201 fandoms made the cut! There should be plenty for both writers and artists to choose from.

How the art/stories requesting/offering works: When you go to sign up, there will be a space for "Optional Tags". Here is where you will insert "fanfiction" if you want a story, and "fanart" if you want artwork. If you want either one, then put both tags. You have that option for both your requests and your offers.

The sign up form can be found HERE.

And I've made a big list of all the eligible fandoms. Fandoms 2015

at DW
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